Alex and the team at Virtual CFO have been a fantastic resource around all things financial... from managing cash flow to interpreting financial statements to providing options for capitalizing in our business. Not only do we now have organized financial processes to help us scale, but I also have full confidence in where our company stands and what our future looks like. I wish I had an Alex in my corner in the early stages of Flytographer.

Nicole Smith

Founder and CEO


Alex and her team are our go-to firm for part-time CFO services. They provide value beyond the classic CFO responsibilities, including optimizing processes, identifying KPIs, and reviewing overall financial performance. VirtualCFO helps us run a better business. Their work quality is exemplary.

H├ęctor Giner


Z1 Digital

When I asked Alexandra for assistance on a very small project, I had enormous confidence in 2 things: she is such a finance geek, she so LOVES turning financials over and inside-out, that she would take it on even though it was a small project, and that I could totally trust her findings. And so it was: I got a great, clear explanation, numbers laid out very systematically, as in-depth a study as I could ever want. Timely, with great communication, all in all one of the most satisfying consultations I've had in business.

Suzanne Heron


Blue Heron Art

I have been working with Virtual CFO Solutions for just over one year and through out the entire time they have been engaged with creating efficient processes, offering insights on financial questions and most recently helping us to navigate the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought into our business. They have always been incredibly helpful and timely. Thank you!

Becky Eert

Director of Operations

Nimmo Bay Resort

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